2D Bounding Box Services | Aispotters

2D Bounding Box Services | Aispotters

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Aispotters offers bounding box annotation services to a wide range of industries. We provide 2D bounding box annotation services for object recognition in computer vision models and Machine Learning models. Basically, 2D bounding box annotated image data sets are utilized in training Computer vision and AI models. Aispotters serves this task with highly skilled and experienced annotators perfectly to render the objects identifiable and to make the correct assumption as applied in real-life scenarios.

2D bounding box annotation is one of the most popular techniques in annotation techniques. 2D bounding boxes are often found in object classification, object localization, and object detection in various industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, and retail.

Aispotters serve 2D bounding box services for the following needs with high-quality.

2D bounding box services for self-driving vehicles
2D bounding box services for e-commerce
2D bounding box services for healthcare
2D bounding box services for retail marketing
2D bounding box services for object detection and classification

Aispotters offers this 2D bounding box service to various industries with a high-quality outcome. Our expert image annotators closely working with AI researchers and ensure the highest quality of data through review at various stages during annotation. We deliver the highest level of training data for Computer Vision and Machine Learning at an affordable price. Our best industry pricing plans, Pay as you Go & Monthly plans would help you to plan your budget. Also, we offer customized annotation services to our clients based on their requirements.

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