Challenges in Image annotation and Video annotation

Challenges in Image annotation and Video annotation

Challenges in image annotation and video annotation

Annotation is an essential process to develop a Machine Learning model. There are numerous techniques used to prepare datasets for training artificial intelligence models. Image annotation and Video annotation are common techniques in use. Both techniques have their own difficulties.

Many challenging obstacles make the annotation process difficult. Preparing training data take extraordinary time and effort. There are various types of difficulties in performing such tasks, from classifying or categorizing objects to annotating them frame-by-frame to making them identifiable for machine learning or computer-vision-based models.

Another part of image annotation is called video annotation, and it uses many of the same tools and techniques. The process, however, is complicated. Video can contain up to 60 frames or more per second, which means it can take longer than images to deliver video clips and requires an advanced annotation tool for better accuracy.

Video annotation is relatively difficult as the objects are continuously moving in the visual file, compared to image annotation. Each item must be labeled or illustrated with cuboids, lines & splines, bounding boxes, or other annotation modes that are needed depending on the customers’ needs.

Expertly skilled annotators are a good choice, especially if you are developing machine learning models that will work in areas where precision is required. working with similar annotations ensures that their understanding of background(domain), business rules, and edge cases improve over time, rendering high-quality data and better computer viewing models.

In addition, image annotation is either done manually or using proprietary tools or cutting-edge technologies that can use the appropriate tools to identify the object of interest and to annotate. But in both cases, it is important and a challenging job to get the actual context of a scene for object recognition. The real challenge is accuracy when identifying the face. Apart from these, there are various other issues in the real-time process of annotation.

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