Russia is launching Skybot F-850, The Humanoid Robot into space

Russia is launching Skybot F-850, The Humanoid Robot into space

Skybot F-850 is the most modern versions of Russia’s FEDOR robots, which have been created as extensively handy remain in for people in everything from saving work to driving vehicles — and now, shuttling into space.

The Soyuz MS-14 will travel to International Space Station by carrying a Russian Humanoid Robot. Russian Space Agency Roscosmos has planned the launch the rocket on August 22, Thursday and it will spend 14 days there before returning to the Earth on September 7.

The Fedor discovered on the guidance of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in 2016. Its criterion carried out saving operations, but it later expanded into space operations. In 2017, the robot Fedor became popular in news breakings when Dmitry Rogozin Executive General of Roscosmos, shared a video of it firing handguns in a demonstration to the Russian Military. According to the Russian Space Agency, the latest version of Fedor Skybot F-850 will perform many tasks under the influence of Space traveler Alexander Skvortsov, and it will communicate with the team in ISS.

The Skybot F-850 is quite a robot. Rogozin told Tass that when the robot reaches to the ISS, it will assist the crews on board to test “the space-designated anthropomorphous system,“  The Skybot F-850 is self-governing mode robot which will provide skilled assistance for the crew by using its predefined elements of Artificial Intelligence.

Roscosmos science expert Alexander Bloshenko said that in an interview that the Fedor will articulate with the crew on the ISS. The robot has a sense of humor, and it is friendly like any human. The robot can bolster any point of discussion and answer the questions from attracting comments, advancing with a speech about its creators and finish with the philosophy of space, he added.

He told, there are numerous algorithms in place to confirm the wellbeing of Fedor while on the International Space Station ensuring it doesn’t make any unexpected movements on board. The experiment outcome will be examined after the robot returns to the Earth. Based on the outcomes, subsequent trips will be made to space, and may conceivably include sending Fedor out into open space.

 “There is a draft of an undeniable program right now for further work. However it is untimely to introduce it,” Bloshenko said.

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