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Data labeling is the process of identifying raw data (images, text files, videos, etc.) and adding one or more meaningful and informative labels to provide context so that a machine learning model can learn from it. It plays a vital role to train systems in the emerging Artificial Intelligence era.

Artificial Intelligence is a field which is becoming more important for all lives and replacing or reducing human efforts in many industries like call centers are replacing human workers over AI.

The System needs to understand the image in photograph, speech in voice recording, words in a text and many other things. With careful and proper data labeling, machines can improve their learning and AI keeps evolving.

In order to provide high-end data labeling service, we have a team of data labelling experts working passionately to deliver high-end and cost-effective service to the people who are about to carry AI to the next level.

Video Annotation Service

How We Do Data Labeling Service?

We use different methods based on the data’s we are handling. With experienced professionals, we can deliver perfect labeling services which comprise of different tasks. This includes mapping electronic markings on image files (e.g. bounding boxes), face marking with points, tagging of image element with relevant keywords and image segmentation.

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Passionate Experts

We are a group of experienced professionals with a passion for changing the world to the next level by using AI.


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“Quality is the best business plan”, Our quality service makes as unique in this competitive world.



We provide a secure service to handle your data safely.


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We have working experience in handling numerous data accurately.


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We are committed to our words and so will timely delivery of our services.

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Text Labeling

Text labelling plays a vital role in developing AI-enabled Voice assistants or speech recognition AI models. At Aispotters we excel in data tagging or training an OCR system, our data labellers can accurately label text over multiple languages.

Image Labeling

Image tagging is the process of labeling or keywording images based on figures within a certain picture. Aispotters provides diverse image labelling services- Data collection, annotation and Validation services to enhance and build your machine learning models. .Our team is composed of data experts, with years of developing strategies that enable labeling hundreds and thousands of images for input to computer vision models.

Video Labeling

Accurate labeling of each frame is vital to your machine learning model. That is why we have the right set of tools and expertise to annotate your video adapting to your use cases similar to annotation of images.

Audio Labeling

Aispotters enables machine learning teams to quickly create audio datasets across 300+ languages and dialects. With expertise in US and British accent and in-house developed audio enhancement tools for noise removal and speech enhancement, we will your perfect partners for audio transcriptions tasks.