Our headquarters are based in silicon valley and our annotators are based in India. And we serve everywhere else through our online presence. Visit us at www.aispotters.com

We differentiate ourselves from mTurk in several ways,

  • Assigned lead for every project and users can contact leads directly to set project goals
  • Dedicated, high quality annotators with domain expertise

We identify ourselves as, “Mercedes-Benz for annotations”

We are actively pursuing to become “HIPPA” compliance and very soon we shall the great news to our potential users. But we take our clients data privacy and data security seriously. Our frontend and backend systems are isolated and further hardware firewall to enhance security in our backend systems. Our annotators are thoroughly vetted to maximize data protection.

Yes, we are very proud of our transparent pricing, which provides fairness and consistencies across our users. Our pricing are flexible that every project needs can be addressed with our strategy. Please visit our Pricing page for more details.

No one likes surprises and especially in pricing. We try to provide a rough estimate based on our historical annotation data. This rough estimate should provide you sufficient estimate on your project cost. With our pricing tool , you can verify the rough cost estimate of the project.

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