Free Trial Setup

Any new project, free trial offered with quality guaranteed ,set to meet your expectations from our annotators. AISpotters has mechanism to directly contact annotators leads to meet your annotation expectations. One hour of free trial will allow you to visualize a preview of the final annotation.

Price Estimator

Cost is estimated prior to the onset of annotation, thereby your budget can stay in control by our flexible plan.Each client has specific needs. We do not rule out any clients, be it large or small scale.

Flexible pricing

Pay as you go

AISpotters has pricing plan that would fit your budget. In “Pay as you go” plan, you would be able to purchase different hours slots based on your requirements and appetite. If you are a new customer and want to try our services, just buy our 24hrs package and start your annotation. If you have sudden spike in your annotation requirements, we got your covered, you can purchase a large hours package and automatically your $/hr price will also be priced appropriately.

Monthly plan

If you are large corporation, established startup and need to secure your annotation resources and you cannot afford any delay or disruption in services; we got you covered. Sign up in our monthly plan. Our one year or two year monthly plan guarantees you the service your deserve and by the way, these plans provide you the best $/hr. With this double benefit, you take dual advantage in securing your resources at the lowest price point.